Made to worship

You don't just decide you are not going to worship because you "don't feel like it." If that's your headspace, you have more significant issues. Worship and faith in worldly things lead to worldly results.


Dancing with the devil

I want to explain something to you, the reader, not explain to get you to have more knowledge or to convince you of something but to make you feel something. Please read to the end, because I truly do explain what I mean by all of this. You can look up at the stars and... Continue Reading →

“Who am I?”

You might find yourself asking this question just under your breath "who am I." Three words but more powerful than a surface level question, in fact, it can just be a surface level question but ultimately its what you make it to be. I can answer the question in a simple sense, or a more complex longer answer with no definite end.

“I’m not good enough.”

There was a time in my life where I had an absolute break down, to the point where I kept telling myself “you are not good enough” “you don’t deserve the spot you’re in” “you don’t deserve love”...

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