Faith IS Freeing

I was in a time of prayer and worship during the service and as I finished praying I sat there looking at the front without my glasses on, and it hit me, like I got slapped across the face. I don’t need to see what God is doing to know that He is moving, I don’t need to see Him to know He’s there, it’s not a feeling, He’s not someone I go to only when I’m feeling down, He’s a faithful Father who deserves all praise. He makes the darkness tremble, He silences fear even when we don’t visually see it.  I don’t need to see where God is going to take me, I just need to be open, lose sight of my goals and visions and what I want, and let Him steer my ship, let Him use me as a vessel. An open vessel. I need to let Him shape and form me into the vessel that He wants me to be. Let Him guide where he wants to guide me. That He’s the captain not at the back of the boat with his feet up, but physically leading me. That even in the storm and the brokenness that can come from the waves that crash against the boat. That even if I don’t see Him He is faithful and won’t fail me He won’t let the boat sink. that He moves in my life and all around me without me knowing it.

Seeing isn’t faith, seeing is restricting and faith is freeing. If you can’t see, fear may rule your heart because you don’t know where you’ll end up. If you can’t see but you know God is calling you and he’s always faithful, then why fear? Why let earthly fears hold you back from heavenly rewards? Faith is such a powerful thing, and too many people will only trust what their eyes can see because sometimes things don’t seem… logical. Logical and Faith generally don’t go hand in hand, and if they did Faith wouldn’t be so hard, that might be another reason why faith is so rewarding when we are called to do something that defies logic. Don’t be like the Israelites in Deuteronomy when they went to take their promised land and the Amorites were defending it, God commanded them to go and take their land. After they realized what they have done, they were going to go take back their land, but it was too late. God told them not to do it because He was not with them. Now, if you look at this story in Deuteronomy it reveals a few things, one, being if we are in awe of God we should have no problem having faith in Him and two we need to fear God, because if the Israelites feared God they would have had no problem taking their land from the Amorites, because if God is bigger then the giants they faced, why was faith so hard for them to follow? Why is faith so hard for us to follow? Chase God’s will and have faith even in the midst of fog.


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